Dawe Holdings Award in Finance


The Dawe Holdings Finance award embodies the underlying philosophy of Dawe Holdings and its founder, being that of “starting new businesses or financing the expansion of existing businesses to enable people to grow and in the process make a difference”. The award seeks out those students whom have a demonstrated a passion for finance, have overcome circumstances and odds to follow their passion, have distinguished themselves, have firmly establish a likelihood of future excellence and a willingness to help others now and in the future. The award looks to recognize these students and offer them a unique global finance experience, perspective and network to help make a difference in their lives and through them, the lives of others. The award includes an all-expense paid mentorship program in Singapore

In the spirit of the award, first priority will be given to students from places where the Dawe family has been part of the community being Newfoundland (Canada), Alberta (Canada), Jakarta (Indonesia), the New Jersey/ New York area (USA) and Singapore.

Appliactions will close on 31 May 2016

For further information please contact Mark Glossoti. (mark.glossoti@daweholdings.com).